[NL2-NL10] A3o 3bet pot

    • zumpar
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      i 3bet pre, cause villain has 95% ft3b over a solid sample

      he always donkbets 2-3 streets every single paired/small/dry board with 100% of his range

      flop id fold vs unknown but given my reads on him i cant fold a pair, turn i thought about calling and raising, but if i raise my line looks a lot like a slowplayed monster and i wanted to get 1 more street from his overcards

      river is bad ofc, but i cant really fold, he'd do this with AK/AQ 90% of the time
      i even thought about a thin valueraise to be honest against some JJ-QQ but we were so deep i didnt wanna face a 3bet shove from him

      iPoker - $0.10 NL (6 max) FAST - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      Hero (BB): $34.18
      UTG: $10.00
      MP: $13.40
      CO: $12.77
      BTN: $4.20
      SB: $19.50

      SB posts SB $0.05, Hero posts BB $0.10

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.15) Hero has A:spade: 3:club:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, SB raises to $0.30, Hero raises to $1.00, SB calls $0.70

      Flop: ($2.00, 2 players) 2:diamond: 3:spade: 8:diamond:
      SB bets $1.00, Hero calls $1.00

      Turn: ($4.00, 2 players) 3:heart:
      SB bets $2.00, Hero calls $2.00

      River: ($8.00, 2 players) T:diamond:
      SB bets $4.00, Hero calls $4.00

      Hero mucks A:spade: 3:club: (Three of a Kind, Threes) (Pre 25%, Flop 53%, Turn 82%)
      SB shows K:diamond: A:diamond: (Flush, Ace High) (Pre 75%, Flop 47%, Turn 18%)
      SB wins $14.94
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi Zumpar,

      Preflop: Since villain folds a lot to 3-bets I don't mind it however keep in mind that we are deeper so we can expect him to call at least more PPs.

      Flop: Despite the fact that he donks often I actually don't like our call here simply because in a 3-bet pot (where his range is strong because he rarely calls 3-bets) on this board he will have hands like 99+, AdXd that would donk.

      So I would personally fold.

      One thing that may change my mind would be more information regarding your note about him donking 2-3 streets with all of his range. Have we actually seen him at showdown after donking 2-3 streets with garbage? And by garbage I don't mean a NFD/semibluff but rather something like QhJh on a flop like this.

      Even then though his 3-bet calling range is still tight and filled up with PPs/strong draws. that would play the same way.