SnG the easiest money?

    • Loreit
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      I've seen to many posts about people who plays NL micros and want to move up and ask if they should go over to SnG to build bankroll. Most of those want to go up in limit to earn more money and in the same post claim that they build bankroll faster in SnG's?

      Last time i played poker was about 5 years ago and I never Played SnG. Restarting my online poker I wanted a special benefit and needed to rake some money. Reading I found that $5 SnG's was high rake vs risk, where the rake is about 10-20%.

      By accident I joined a few DoN's and found out that the risk/variance was even lower.

      I also come to the conclusion that playing DoN you have to learn less to be profitable, since DoN is similar to SnG early play, and I didn't had to learn the 'endgame'. Some call DoN's boring, but I found it as an easy way to be profitable.

      Sorry for being out of topic in my own post. However back to the original question, is SnG 'easy money'? (Aka building bankroll for CG?)
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    • abhi147
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      I don't think below1.50 it's that profitable
      The rake kind of kills it.
      Atleast STTs are not

      But around 3.50 yes it's good but again if youre talking of mtsngs it can crush you if you don't have a good Brm

      Personally if you're looking at building a decent BR quickly I think nl2-nl5 fr or sh is the best

      No matter what you play trust me you should put in Atleast equal amount of time in learning
      There is no escaping this

      As for dons I have no clue.
    • Gerovit
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      Yup it's super easy money
    • ghaleon
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      Focus on one game at a time. I dont see much of point to first build bankroll in sng and then go to e.g. NL20 and have basically no cash game experience. It will likely end up in nice burn of that bankroll.

      If your target is in cash games then focus on that and start from micro cash games. If you cannot beat those then how do you assume to beat higher limits?