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Looking for a coach nl10-nl25 sh

    • Darkyd10
      Joined: 08.04.2010 Posts: 1,329
      Hello, i was looking for someone who could help me progress though nl10 to a solid nl25 game

      I play on Stars and got some experience, but id like to finally be able to step into nl25.

      If anyone could help me reach my goal, id thank you alot :)

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    • elchipriota
      Joined: 06.06.2012 Posts: 438
      Hi Darky,

      First thing I will advice you do is play tracked. I am assuming your not because of your status in relation to the stakes you are playing.

      Right now you are missing to a great lot of material that can take your game to the next level.

      :spade: After you get tracked aim to achieve at least gold status which is actually pretty each at NL10. That will give you access to more than 80% of the material here.

      :spade: Attend live coaching sessions for No limit. This is a great way to see how profesional players are playing and ask them questions on the spot for plays they do and include them in your game.

      :spade: Watch videos and read articles. To be fair bronze articles are alright, I have been there for a year before starting playing tracked on PS but to be fair they can only take you from a noob to a person who understand the basics of poker. All the juice is from silver upwards ;)

      :spade: Purchase Holdem Manager 2 if you dont have it. I think the HUD even though not vital can improove your game. You can also examine your game closer after you finish playing and evaluate yourself. It also has a very nice and easy way to track hands while playing, save them and then easily copy paste them in these forums for evaluation.

      :spade: Join one of the many study groups that members create for skype sessions

      :spade: Finally you can get a private coach here in PS, obviously for a fee.


    • Darkyd10
      Joined: 08.04.2010 Posts: 1,329
      ive played tracked and read those articles up to gold. really dont see me playing tracked anytime soon though since next year im going for supernova

      Stars isnt afilliated so ohwell, really cant think of any other room. and ive been to pretty much all, but in the end, Stars is my home always will be

      i attend coachings, probably will purchase silver to watch vids...really only reason i ever want status here, and for the groups i might join. Thing is i havent had good experiences playing with other ppl who play same limits i do, they got nothing to teach me. I aim to reach big winrates of 10bb/100+ im already a winner, and for that i need people whose game is above mine.

      Private coachs cost alot. Not really paying for one til nl100, nl200. Just because i cant afford.

      So i was hoping some kind soul would help me. I know theres some out there. I myself have taugh quite a few beginners and got em from nl2 to nl10 so, theres always some good people lol
    • w34z3l
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 13,331
      Maybe I can help you.

      Add me in community if interested.
    • kartsah
      Joined: 20.10.2010 Posts: 22
      I'll help you you for free... well I would normally charge 25$ an hour, like i'm the cheapest coach out there, but you can pay me if you want, but you don't really have to.

      If you find my advice helpful then give me like T$ dollars with your fpp's.

      heres my graph on stars zoom only, and i'll link 10nl only and 25nl only just to fill up this page.

      These are the graph for 1½ weeks of play as staked.

      Add me on community if you need help bro !