• daisuke3823
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      I am trying to improve my game,and my stats is  vpip17 pfr14 3BET 5,4 in 1300 game.
      and I know I cannot beat NL50 with this stats.
      if I try to be lose,my vpip can be 21 but lose money.
      for example, BU opens who is loose and have high 3 BET fold %.
      against player like him,can I 3bet with any hands like 25o,3Ko?
      cuz I need to make my stats better and higher.
      I remain on the same level,so any idea of how to make vpip,3bet% higher,and play better?
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    • EnterG
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      My opinion is not to try to "hit" a specific stat for example pfr=20 or 3bet=10.It depends on your opponents,their stats,image,position etc.

      Lately when i play in some tables i have the "rock" image from hm2 and in others the "preflop aggro".Meaning my stats would be from 10-40 vpip,5-30 pfr,2-15 3bet etc.Although this is only for the playing table and the sample is small all i am trying to say is : don't try to get a specific number on your stats everytime.
      The higher your stats the better your postflop play should be in general.