Hi, my name is Ivan (21) and I am from Bulgaria. I've been playing poker for about 4 years. Everything started as a normal gambling game with a bunch of friends and now 4 years later this is the 5th bankroll i blew tilting... A few hours ago I lost 2230$ for a few minutes only because I tilted... And now I decided that I will start over and I will study everything about tilting and how i can prevent it. I believe that I could have been very successful player if I wasn't so tilty... I'm so sad and it's not about the money overall poker gave me more money than I lost but I just LOVE the game and I'm sick and tired of losing everything I worked for months only because someone stacked me with runner straight a couple of times...

Everything will be different now :D

I'm starting over and I will be playing 0.02$/0.05$ ZOOM :facepalm: on stars and I will try to get it up to 1$/2$ by april 2013. I'm verry upset that I blew 3rd of my bankroll playing f**ing BLACKJACK ONLINE ... can't believe I did that. But thats what happens when I tilt. So my goals now are:

:spade: NEVER to play when I am upset about a bad beat! (IMPORTANT)
:heart: Update my blog even if nobody reads it in order to keep track of what's going on and to help me focus on my long term goals instead of focusing on the bad beat I just got.
:diamond: NEVER play something else than poker like blackjack... (which I do only when I'm tilted) :facepalm:
:club: Study everything about psychology of poker and tilting.
:spade: NEVER go after someone that just caught the river on me.
:heart: To play as much as possible to beat the variance.
:diamond: To read 2 times as much as I play about strategies.
:club: Never forget that this is just a game. :D

I'm starting this blog to keep track of my poker life but also for support. I am very lucky that poker payed for my education in England and gave me so much more than just cash. However it is sad when you realize that poker is not only about strategy it takes so much more that just knowledge over the game it is so hard to make it in poker. I realized that it is much more difficult to control my emotions (which is probably the most difficult thing in poker). Sometimes this game can be so brutal and I'm so happy that this is not my only source of income. But I love the game and I want to make it. I want to be among the 5% that beat the game! I hope I will get support and this time I will make it right! :s_cool: