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winning a few chips did not happen for longer time... one can't see it, but it is shortly before the end of the graph.
the last 2k hands were just insane, not only that i'm 1.5 k below EV, I just ran into AA with KK, KK with QQ, trips and straights with 2pairs etc. I reviewed my hands, and I see only minor flaws, at least nothing really bad which would justify that drop. I really don't see what is going on, my opponents clearly did not adapt to my play, even though I played kind of nitty lately. My VPIP/PFR is at 16/12, and the leak tracker in PT3 says that my stats are more or less fine (only playing too aggressive, but I'm working on that. Well, now I am down to 13$, and have 1.4k party points left. If I could get 100 more points (which means I would actually have to win a few times, lol) I could decide for a 80$ bonus or 50$ cash, and I suppose the latter option would be the better for me (i dont see me making another 350 party points in the next 3 months^^). But I doubt anyway that I could make another 100 points.... yes, i know, variance has no memory, but my point is that I am playing with a 6 BI bankroll management.

sorry for spamming in that forum, but i did not find any downswing forum and had to get it off my chest...