Probably time for a little break for brejk:P

    • Brejk06
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      hmm this wasnt to good! a platinum user with a bankroll of $371. so total winnings of $221 in 50k hands. good stuff isnt it. Finaly you get over the 1k mark and then you get sucked back down all the way to NL50 SSS again.
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    • xylere
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      well, sometimes you need to take a step back, in order to make two forward)
      reevaluate your game and approach, find the mistakes you've made
      take it as another chance to improve
      in fact, a lot of our members experienced the same and sucssesfully restarted their careers

      some tips:
      - start a blog (community support helps a lot)
      - be more active (post hands/visit coachings/spend more time around the forums)
      - set yourself goals (nobody can improve or progress w/o having clear goals)

      taking a break is a good idea
      stay positive and don't give up)

      good luck