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    • ironmask92
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      Hi Coaches

      My name is Stephen aka ironmask92

      I'm looking to get coaching on the $5-$20 SNGs level for 6 max Turbo games.

      I've been playing for a year on Titan poker now and i have a decent ROI on the $5 games. However, i have had times when my bankroll was slightly over $500 and i was taking shots at $10 games with success.

      I have recently dropped back down to about $360 or so. The main thing i would like to figure out is if this was due to leaks in my game or if i'm just running bad.

      I constantly try to improve my poker game by studying the game, reading articles and reviewing my poker hands. I usually watch how other players play at the table so i can figure out what i need to do to take advantage of certain players.

      I'm playing only 1 table at a time because i want to continue to learn and improve on my game on a daily basis (i realize alot of players multi-table but i believe i can learn more from just 1 table at a time).

      It would be a great honor to be coached by one of the fine coaches in here and also when I'm good enough I would love to give back to the community by coaching someone else.

      Thank you to all the coaches and everyone else reading this.

      Have a wonderful day and good luck to all the applicants!
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, ironmask92!

      I think pokerstrategy is definitely the right place to look for some coachings, however, I think you need to contact them personally. Please, check this link :

      Click to find out more about our SnG coaches, plus keep in mind that Tim64, who is a very active member of our community is also a private coach at a very reasonable price(considering the low limits you play), so you can reach him as well.

      Good luck!