Bankroll per month

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    • WillyD
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      millions if you win the sunday million the 4 weeks of the month

      -500$ if you're bad
    • tommygecko
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      Which limit do you plan to play on? How much volume are you willing to put in? How good a player are you?

      $500 is good for NL10 and with a decent win rate let's say 15bb/100.

      If you play 24 tables you can play about 1300-1500 hands per hour, that's about 200bb per hour.

      If you play 8 hours a day that's 1600bb = $160 a day. About 4500-5000 a month. And before you even hit $1000 you would move up so you would earn much more. That's if you are a committed grinder. I haven't played 24 tables before but my guess is such a win rate isn't sustainable either.

      Okay, being more realistic, I think you are a beginner, so you're probably going to 4 table at most, maybe 4 hours a day with a similar or lower win rate. That's about 300 plus for one month if you maintain your daily volume for the whole month.
    • NIVEKii
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      Originally posted by Acespeci
      How much can a player makes on $500 bankroll in a month, by playing which limit and how many tables?

      Always have a backup plan.
    • RasTweet
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      Hey Acespeci!

      I think it's important not to look at how much you can win, but how you can improve the most.

      Sometimes you just run bad and you're not going to win anything in a month.

    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey there sir

      I agree with Ras the amount of money you will realistically make playing games with a $500BR isn't enough to be concentrating on/worrying about. You should be in my opinion concentrating on improving and being the best player you can and before you know it you could be flying up the stakes :)

      So keep posting hands, keep watching vids and coachings and we will see you at the high stakes soon :)