Joined the online coaching for the SNG's. I've had mixed success at them but mainly because of bad BRM and not playing enough one table games. Sharkscope has me at 21%ROI for 350 tourneys which is not bad - but you can see my downswing has only recently started to improve (due to BRM .. mostly)

I noticed from the coaching session that I was playing very conservatively and the wrong type of game to make money with an aggressive style and multi tables. Turbo games only took me 90 minutes to play 5 of them - with 2 tables open at a time.

I played reasonably tight at the beginning, loosened up when it counted (especially to tight players) and I used a lot of reads to steal relentlessly going all in when I had a decent hand and position. I was unafraid to call my JJ on the SB to all in from CO who had 77 - with 6 players still left. I noticed he was raising the blinds every round and had a high PFR and AF. I ran into a lot of dumb calls on my monsters thanks partly to my aggressive image - but managed to stay good with hand selection and could fold AJs UTG when it counted (other players had AA and QQ that time.)

In one tourney I came back from a bad beat - AQ to KJ that nearly finished me early on to finish 2nd.

My results - 5 tourneys, 3 second place finishes - two losses. I won $48.60 from $32.50 in buyins ~50%ROI - I know a very small sample, but I've hardly any experience at one table turbo SNG's

Going to watch the advanced shortly, and maybe get some sleep to let it sink in.

No AA or KK in almost 600 hands. Probably because I've been getting them like crazy lately on the cash tables?

Session rating: 9/10
Goals: Improve heads up play if I get the chance