[NL20-NL50] Nl25 Fr Jj

    • BuchoCZ
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      Hi, again, I am sorry for the format I put the hand in here - I can´t use any Hand Convertor on a site I play. I have no stats either as the hand history can't be processed by PT or Elephant.

      9-seated table:

      UTG2: BuchoCZ 25.00$ [Jh, Jd]
      MP3: XXXXX 25.00$

      preflop: UTG1 folds, BuchoCZ raises to 1.00$, 2folds, MP3 calls, 4folds

      dealing flop: Qh, Qs, 5c (pot 2.35$)

      flop: BuchoCZ bets 1.60$, MP3 calls

      dealing turn: 5d (pot 5.55$)

      turn: BuchoCZ checks, MP3 bets 5.55$, BuchoCZ goes all in.

      OK, few points... I know I probably did big mistake in checking the turn. If I'd bet, I would easily know, where am I at. But whatever...

      I have some kind of idea of how do people at this limit play here and his turnbet looks to me like regular - "he-hit-nothing-and-tried-contibet-lets-scare-him-away-bet". But anyway.. I tried to count, which hands I can beat and which hands I cant...

      I can' t beat: AA, KK, AQ, QQ, 55, A5 (32 hands)
      I can beat: 66 - TT (30 hands)
      I split: JJ

      I' ve seen people calling similar flop with 44 and 33.

      If I count in the bluff possibility factor, which is quite big, I think I may even end in +EV. But I can' t count it myself, I can only guess...

      Anyway, was my all-in move good for something or good-for-nothing as it is probably called only by better hands? (I am not sure about pockets, but... this site.. lots of fishes)

      I spend some time thinking over this hand and I would like professional opinion. Thanks in advance
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    • BuchoCZ
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      another point is that I probably had a little bit more agressive image than others... (raising lots of hands from late positions)... no special reads on the MP3
    • swissmoumout
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      Hi Bucho,
      I think that bet/folding the turn is the best option - you won't get bluffed, so you can safely fold against a raise, and you will get some value from lower pairs and the occasional Ax.
      Check/raise all-in is rather bad though. Although you might be ahead against his betting range, he will only call you with better hands and you'll be drawing dead.