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      So I was bored yesterday. Decided to contact PP live support to ask them about software problems. My account panel isn't working at all for few weeks now, can't check points, bonuses etc.

      So one of the things I asked was how much PP's I got this month. It's a little less then 100. That means I raked something around $50, right?

      Interesting thing is that HEM shows $76 rake this month. How is this possible?

      Support told me they have nothing to do with HEM since it's not their product and that they can't help me.

      Anyone noticed anything similar? What can I even do here?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      In the party client, you can get your cash table history, if I remember correctly.
      If not, request it from support.
      You can also request your points history.

      From that you can correlate w/ HEM

      Party and HEM seem to track OK for me.