Hello. I am a member from Finnish community heading to Malta (St. Julians) in February 2013 for x months. I have not visited ~anywhere in Europe, so I decided to create a competition in Finnish forum:


For those who don't speak Finnish, the idea is to come up with a route for me to return to Finland (don't exactly know when this is going to happen, doens't really matter). You should take into a count:

- I want to visit cities with casinos
- I want to go to Gibraltar
- I have to end up in Helsinki, Finland.

(please don't just list every single city with casino, use your knowledge of beautiful cities and so on).

I will decide the winner on first week of February. Winner will be staked to play versus me on PokerStars Turbo $60 heads up SnG (so up to $120 of possible earnings If you just tell me where you think I should visit (I dont think anyone will join this competition for 3figures but will maybe motivate someone more experienced than me when it comes to travelling rather than going ''meh''.

Cliffs: Tell me where to go (and why/ what to do in there!!) and have a possibility to win some money.

Hope I will get some replies. GL.

Competition will end the last day of January 2013.