I had made one script for seaching your own posts

Filter - not evaluated hands and unread evaluated hands.

and this time I made another - to fill in text for new topic.

Usually when posting hands in evaluation forums, we often write same string:

'NL20 SH' or similar. So I made to be able to autofill it and focus the cursor to that input field, so you don't need a mouse click and can continue write thread topic.

You must install the plugin which is written how to install in the link above.

Next thing you should do - make the bookmark with the ending &autofill=1

for example if the thread link is

it has to be

now as you installed the plugin as in thead above - in it was differenrt code.

This time code is

var fill_text = 'NL20 SH ';   // edit this string what text you want

var autofill = window.location.search.replace("?", "").search( "autofill=1" );

if (autofill != -1) { // if found
  var input = document.getElementsByName('topic');
  input[0].value = fill_text;


You can see in the first line of code the string which you can edit and use your own - change to nl2 sh or whatewer you want.

Happy hand posting :)

forgot to say - when you fill in the plugins form - in the Match Urls field enter