I Like Pokerstars...

    • Justin37
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      Played 6 tables at the same time...micro SNG 12 max...all happened in the space of 5 minutes... Suprisingly, i didnt get on tilt...

      1st Table
      Yesterday lose my
      AA vs KJ,
      he raised n I go all in, he called n got str on the river, Flop K29

      2nd Table
      KK vs JQ, all in preflop, he won at the river for 2 pairs

      3rd Table
      QQ Vs Crap Hand, he won getting a luky 4 at the river for a str...

      For a beginner or short temper/patient player u may say Pokerstars is Rigged...Losing all Premium hands to crap hands.

      Played again 6 tables, ITM 5/6 minus my above losing...i won couple $$$.

      I already played over 3000 tables with ROI 55%... With 3 samples people say Pokerstars is rigged... With my 3000 samples i say pokerstars is GOOD.
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    • badgerer
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      Originally posted by Justin37
      I already played over 3000 tables with ROI 55%...
      this figure cant be correct, if it were, you might just be the greatest micro sng player ever
    • Krist2ps
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      So... if youre playing 1.5$ buy in, then youre up what, 2500$~? Or youre playing 3.5$BI and are up 5500$~?

      I think youre reading ROI wrong, and these bad beats/suckouts happens all the time, it's hard to deal with them if it happens many times in short period.

      But why you blame PokerStars? It happens in live/home games too. Just have to suck up and don't think about it.

      GL at tables :f_cool: