Our Jackpot Tournaments offer huge sums of money if you can win consecutive Sit & Gos and the pot gets bigger all the time.

Find our special Jackpot Tournaments under the Sit & Go section in the software and see if you can stop them growing!

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Dirty Dozen $2,000 Progressive Jackpot

Perfectly suited for the casual player with a small budget, the Dirty Dozen Jackpot offers the opportunity for a high cash payout in return for a low entry fee.

To take home the $2,000 Dirty Dozen Jackpot, fight your way to victory in four consecutive $2 + $0.40 S&G tournaments.

The competition will be tough with the 12-handed two-table structure!

Maui $15,000 Progressive Jackpot

Ride the surf on our Maui Jackpot tables and pick up at least $15,000.

Claim this pot by securing five consecutive $5 + $1 tournament 1st place finishes

Finish 1st or 2nd in five consecutive Maui S&G tournaments and a consolation $200 will be credited to your account.

Rio $30,000 Progressive Jackpot

Get ready to samba with the Rio Jackpot which is played 6-handed for intense quick-fire action.

Win six consecutive $20 + $3.50 tournaments to claim the jackpot!

A special prize of $300 is awarded to participants finishing 1st or 2nd in six consecutive Rio Jackpot S&G tournaments.

Fort Knox $50,000 Progressive Jackpot

Our Fort Knox Jackpot is progressive and grows larger each week until the prize is claimed!

Win six consecutive $50 + $9 Fort Knox tournaments and you will be the winner of a minimum of $50,000 guaranteed.

Finish 1st or 2nd in six consecutive Fort Knox S&G tournaments and receive a consolation prize of $750 for your efforts.

Craze $50,000 Jackpot Sit & Go

Lose yourself in our $50,000 Craze Jackpot Tournament! We're offering $50K to the winner of 4 consecutive $10 + $2 Sit & Go tournmanents in a 14 day period.

Don't miss your chance to get your hands on this jaw dropping $50K jackpot!

Hit our special 18-seater Craze Jackpot tables now, found under the Jackpot Sit 'N' Go tab.