(Mostly referring to sss)
If I understand correctly, a lot of the reason for raising and aggression is because the chance the opponent folds is greater than the chance your hand is beat and that your opponent will fold or lose with a worse hand.
However in micro limit almost every player calls raises and bets with weak tp or less.

So is it really profitable to raise and go all-in so much with so many loose players?

I also notice when i c-bet the flop in position after they check I tend to win more, so could I check oop and c-bet the turn even though they hit something almost 50% of the time? If this is the case the c-bet could be 1/2 pot instead of 2/3 to make the odds work against players who continue with any pair. But even here it should work against tighter players.

So either loose players continue after a c-bet or aggressive players continue to take the pot. Another possibility would be to c-bet less say only in position or with a pair or draw. This would tighten your flop play image and increase your loss on the pots you dropped but it would only be about half.

Another option would be to always c-bet against tight players and never against aggressive or loose players.

I definitely think always c-betting will hurt more than win in micro limit and some adaptation is required.

(edit) I also think limping small pairs after multiple limpers in sb with sss is profitable since 1/2bb will always be 1/20 or better to the stacks. The other 1/2bb is already payment to play.

I'm asking for expert opinions on these ideas base on experience and theory.