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    • Adward22
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      Hello everyone,

      I'm posting on behalf of the Polish community. We have this great blogger and a friend -> anglin, whose life has suddenly changed. Last month, he confessed on his blog that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This 3cm intruder is unresectable which simply means that it can't be surgically removed because it is in a surgical danger zone. Polish surgical medicine can't help him as this case is very rare (supposedly 1:100 000). The solution he was offered was a palliative care which is meant to treat the symptoms and side effects of the disease, in other words: which is meant to only prolong his life, not to save it. He's got max. 2-3 years before he dies, according to the doctors.

      However, there is a light in the tunnel. He could be operated on in the Heidelberg University Hospital or in the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Madrid but unfortunately the treatment is very expensive.

      We've joined forces in the Polish community and in an act of solidarity, we decided to help him as much as we can. One of the PL members opened a thread about collecting money and it's going viral!

      Why am I writing this? I know the EN community is supportive and there are lots of people who are not indifferent to other people's suffering. I'd like to encourage you to have a look at anglin's blog (probably you will have to use Google translate) :) and decide whether you want to contribute. He would for sure appreciate it. Please have a look at our money-collecting thread where you can find the account details:

      • nasz kolega Anglin walczy o życie, we have more than 200 replies and nearly 20k views... and it's not the end. We also had a news about it on the Polish poker news websites (including

      You might remember him from the Face the Pro eposide last year where he played against Gus Hansen:

      The video can be found here.

      If you want to contribute and help anglin, please send me a private message (add me to contacts first) and I will give you the instructions.

      Thank you for your consideration and support.

      Best regards,
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