Still waiting for 50$

    • Werkon
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      Hi, I've passed a quiz and I'm still waiting for 50$ (it is more than 48 hours). A friend of mine told me that sometimes you have to mail your ID photo, but I've checked all my folders (including spam) and found no such request. Could you please look into matter and tell me what to do next ? (I cant wait to read bronze articles :) )

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    • SoyCD
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      Hello Werkon,

      Your friend told you the truth, there are in fact random ID checks. You were not selected for one however :) It seems everything in your account was processed correctly and its just a matter of time until your starting capital arrives.

      When it does I hope you get active in the forums and use the content available to you :)

      Good luck at the tables - follow the bankroll management - post hands you are unsure about - and keep us updated!

      Best regards,