Nl5 - Stats and downswing

    • sebsejr
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      Started playing NL5 on stars, FR, 2 months ago or so. Went very well, got rolled for NL10 quickly, dropped a bit at NL10 on first session, moved down to NL5 again, and installed a HUD, Pokertracker4 that is.
      Since then i have been losing like a maniac though. I am not sure if it just variance, or if my play is shit and i just got lucky the first time around.
      It is around 11k hands btw, down about 10 Buy-ins overall.

      I know 11k hands is a lot, but would still appreciate some feedback on my stats so far. I might need to make some major adjustments.

      Here they are. Btw, i know it is a lot of stats, and it's probably way too many, but i was unsure about what might be relevant.
      Would appreciate any feedback <3
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