[NL2-NL10] Nl25 99

    • RMkiss
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      PartyGaming - $0.25 NL (6 max) FAST - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      BTN: $25.94
      SB: $19.87
      BB: $13.73
      Hero (UTG): $8.10
      MP: $58.01
      CO: $25.00

      SB posts SB $0.10, BB posts BB $0.25

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.35) Hero has 9:club: 9:spade:

      Hero raises to $0.75, fold, fold, fold, fold, BB raises to $1.25, Hero calls $0.50

      Flop: ($2.60, 2 players) 8:club: 3:heart: 6:club:
      BB bets $2.47, Hero raises to $6.85 and is all-in, BB calls $4.38

      Turn: ($16.30, 2 players) 5:club:

      River: ($16.30, 2 players) 4:spade:

      I do not know how to play this hand. Villain unknown.
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    • lnternet
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      With a 32bb stack you do not want to raise to 3bb preflop. It is simply too big a portion of your stack. Especially 99 is a hand that will play fairly bad postflop with $7 left in a $2 pot (approx what happens with one caller).

      So I would raise smaller preflop here to 2bb.

      When you catch the minimum 3bet from a half stacked player you need to estimate his range. Any kind of read would be very helpful here. I guess it is difficult to get reads at fast poker, we don't even know whether this is his first hand or if he has been playing for a while. (People who just sat down and 3bet first hand, using Bayesian inference, makes them more likely to be crazy fish)

      I would guess his range is ahead of 99 by a margin where going allin preflop is not wise. Since you have good pot odds you call, good.

      Flop he bet pot size, which removes calling as an option for you. So it comes down to how often he folds to a shove (very little giving the big bet) and how much equity you have when he calls the shove.

      I can only guesstimate. Say he folds 15% to a shove, and if called he is on TT+,AK and a few random hands.

      Then you have maybe 40% equity when allin (rounded down because of rake)

      8c 6c 3h
      41.6% { 9c9s }
      58.4% { TT+, AKs, A3s, J8s, T7s, AKo }

      EV(shove) = 15% * (pick up the pot) + 85% * (what you get back when allin)
      EV(shove) = 15% * $5.20 + 85% * (40% * $16.30 - $6.85)
      EV(shove) = $0.50

      So with my assumptions, going allin on the flop is 2bb better than folding. But if you change my assumptions just a little bit, it could quickly be bad to shove.

      So I can't say what is better on the flop. Maybe you can make a better range estimate for him than I can, since you are playing in these games and perhaps have an idea how wide people min3bet preflop.

      I think you played it fine overall.
    • kymupa
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      I do agree with @Internet here.

      Overall it's a pretty close spot and this is the worst hand here to stack of with.
      I think he could end up betting like this with a little bit more random hands and I like shoving here.

      I personally don't have too much experience in playing those fast games too, so any reads would be quite helpful here.