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      My name is Diego(24) and i'm from Chile. I'm doing a Bussines&Administration Major.

      I have been playing poker for the last 3 or 4 years and 2 years ago I decided to make this a profitable hobby... I tought it will be easy... I busted my bank a lot of time because I didn't do a well tilt control

      Nowadays I'm in a good way, studying a lot and playing less, my aim isn't make big fortune or something, I'm taking this step by step...playing under strict BRM rules...

      Recently I've switched from PStars to Party(nick: Gurofo) to get strategypoints and share/learn/have fun with this community...

      I used to play NL5 at PokerStars... now I will play at 4NL tables in Party Poker trying to crush the microlimits... I will try to make my blog to keep you in touch!

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