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Difference between zoom/rush/fast and cash games

    • sebsejr
      Joined: 04.09.2011 Posts: 443
      So i am a little confused here. I see a lot of people talking about zoom poker, rush poker, fast poker etc, and my question is, first of all, what are these, and what is the difference between each of them?

      Secondly, who is it advantagous for you play these kind of games? right now i play NL5/NL10 FR on stars, and was wondering if i should change to these games?
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    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey sebsejr,

      Ok so zoom/rush/blaze/fastforward/speed (sorry if i missed any) are "fast poker" Basically what happens is when you fold you are moved to a new table. You don't have to wait for the hand to play out you are moved as soon as you click fold this means you can get through a lot more hands per hour and you can keep folding your trash and moving straight to a new table to see if you get dealt a better hand

      Because of this the fast poker games are generally nittier, for example, this week i've been playing on speed poker on the ipoker network and, well to be fair i found it pretty boring. I hardly ever saw past a flop the action went like this:

      I raise (from any position) everyone folds


      I raise (any pos) 1 guy limps from blinds, i c-bet he folds

      I raise, get 3bet, i 4bet he folds

      I get 5bet its AA i fold.

      Don't get me wrong i was winning and my non-SD was through the roof :D but it was just a bit robotic. I switched to normal tables and there was action left right and centre, I had to open more tables to stop me getting bored though

      A lot of people prefer this fast paced style though, it allows them to play more hands therefore rake more and get higher rakeback or VIP levels. Also there are a lot of people who play a very exploitable style so you definitely can profit from it

      Does this explain it a little for you?