"You passed the quiz!"

    • Erixn
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      First of, i just wanna say nice Website and bonus.
      I been done the quiz, but when do I get the money? Do I have to send any kinds of ID or something, and to who?

      - Thanks, Erixn :club:
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    • cannell555
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      It takes 48 hours usually, to get the bonus. Their is a random ID check, and if you have been chosen to send your ID, then sadly, it takes longer than 48 hours. One of the admins will reply here when they see this, and they will tell you if you need to send ID. You should also of had an email requesting it!

    • SoyCD
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      Hello Erixn and welcome to the community!

      It looks to me like your starting capital has already been sent. Be sure the check out the Bronze content now that you have access to it- there are more articles and also videos which are extremely helpful in further improving your game.

      If you approach Poker with the correct attitude (I can recommend the article Professional Attitude which deals with the mindset of winning players) there are no bounds to your progress.

      So good luck at the tables - follow the bankroll management (can't say this often enough) - post hands you are unsure about - and keep us updated!

      Best regards,