Starting Capital at PS

    • apannone
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      I passed the quiz and have been done with it for longer than 48 hours, but have not recieved the funds on PokerStars yet, nor have I recieved any kind of email. Did I mess something up?
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    • Nazzor
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      The transaction process can sometime take more than 48hrs to complete.
      If you need ID check, it will last even longer.
      Just wait for some moderator to answer you, they shall know!

      While you're waiting for your funds, be sure to read all articles as many times as you can!
      You can't imagine how many beginners do makes mistakes and they don't even know it.

      Good luck,
    • SoyCD
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      Hello apannone,

      Please make sure your personal account information is entered fully - since it is only after you have entered your Poker account and personal information that the processing time starts. If you have entered all this information more than 48 hours ago please write a ticket to our support using the ticket system (

      Best regards,