Flop Raise %

    • metza
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      Just wondering how to use this statistic effectively if possible

      What range of "Raise %" for the flop would indicate raising with the following hands

      a) 2pair or better

      b) Top pair or better

      c) Any pair

      Of course I realize there is a problem with my question, as I believe that like AFq stat this stat is also dependent on the opponents preflop ranges, as reraising x amount of flops with a 50% range is going to be a completely different criteria than reraising that same x amount of flops with a 10% preflop range.

      These problems aside, hopefully someone can shed some insights on the effective use of this stat. :f_biggrin:
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    • Th334
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      Hi there,

      My guess is that you want a highly specific stat. As always, we have a problem with the sample size: the more specific is the stat -- the more hundreds/thousands of hands you need on the villain.

      In your case, it gets ridiculously difficult, because you cannot know the outcome unless there was a showdown! How many hands do you have on a villain, where he raised the flop with a bluff, a pair, two pairs or better, and the hand finished with a showdown? Very few is the answer.

      Personally, I don't even bother separating aggression frequency per different streets, as I don't have that many hands on most villains, where they played on river. You, though, want something completely impossible :)

      So in essence: it's better to have a general idea on the opponent's tendencies, than have a very specific but completely useless "raise c-bet IP with 2P". Not only it will be completely useless, but often even misleading.

      On the final note: even if you had 100k hands on someone, you understand that his "raise c-bet IP with 2P" will depend on: opponent type, number of opponents, stacks, board, preflop line. Not to mention his mood and the fact that people don't usually play the same game for 100k hands :)

      If your question could be answered by any statistical programme, poker would be flooded with grind-bots, and eventually die. Fortunately, it's not the case ;)



      PS: sorry if I got your question wrong, I'm dog-tired and almost sleeping :f_zZz: