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We hope all our members had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year!

We just wanted to keep you up to date on what's going on at this month and in 2013, to make sure you're taking full advantage of your membership, whatever your status.

Join the $20,000 gtd Big Gun and grab your $100 at William Hill!

William Hill Christmas!

William HillWilliam Hill is offering a Christmas gift to members in the shape of a $20,000 guaranteed Big Gun tournament on January 13 at 15:00 GMT. If you have a tracked William Hill account then you have three ways to enter:

1. Earn 250 SPs Dec 16 - Jan 12
2. Deposit $25 & rake 50 SPs  Dec 30 - Jan 12
3. Buy-in directly for $11

In addition, create a tracked William Hill account and deposit in December for the following:

Create a tracked account at William Hill
• Deposit $100 to William Hill
• Be among the first 1,000 to earn 500 SPs at William Hill
• Receive $100 in your William Hill account

For more information on the tournament please see our forum threads:

Forum: Exclusive $20,000 gtd Big Gun
Forum: Free $100 for New William Hill Players!

William Hill Christmas!

Earn Winter Kicks to win our $3,000 SideKick Raffle!

$3k banner
Our latest SideKick promotion allows you to take part in winter's extra-curricular activities all from the comfort of your humble abode. We're giving away $3,000 cash to players who win a hand with JJ (hooks) or 88 (snowmen) between December 8 - January 15.

Each time you earn an Ice Fishing Kick or Snowman Kick, we will give you one ticket to our raffle. The more Kicks you earn, the better your chances are of getting your hands on some holiday cash.

To take part, all you need to do is download the SideKick and get playing on your tracked account at one of the supported poker rooms.

For a full overview of this promotion, please see our news:

News: Scoop Some Winter Kicks to Enter our $3,000 Raffle!

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Christmas promotions: Poker770 Magic Box, William Hill Sales

Guaranteed Prizes at Poker770

With Poker770's Magic Box, there's four easy ways to win a guaranteed prize from December 11 until January 6:

• Make a deposit to Poker770.
• Refer a friend to Poker770.
• Play 500 hands of cash games in 1 day.
• Play 5 Multi-Table Tournaments in 1 day.

You will receive each Magic Box game via e-mail (the address registered with Poker770). Each game contains 3 winning boxes and you just need to choose the one that offers the best prize.

For more information on the details of this promotion please see our forum thread:

Forum: $110,000 Magic Box at Poker770

January Sales at William Hill

Kick off the new year by saving loads of money at William Hill's January Sales. There's over $600,000 in tournament prize pools and 40% - 70% off the regular buy-ins in effect from January 7 - 20.

For example, the $200,000 Sunday Special running on January 20 has a discount of 40%, so you'll only need $130 to join in!

Enter six or more of any of the January Sales and you'll get entry to a special $3,000 freeroll on January 24 at 19:00 GMT.

For more information on the details of this promotion please see our forum thread:

Forum: January Sales at William Hill

Magic Box

January sales

Daily Bonus StrategyPoints & Free Poker Money Offers
Bonus StrategyPoints

Bonus 10 StrategyPoints per day

We're giving you an extra 10 StrategyPoints a day so that you can reach the next status quicker. You just have to earn at least 1 StrategyPoint a day.

• Every day you earn at least 1 StrategyPoint, we credit you with another 10 Bonus Points
• These points fully count towards your member status
• The bonus points do not count for the Top250 promotion, Tell-a-Friend or other monetary incentives

These extra points will help you climb the ranks at They could be the difference that gets you from Bronze to Silver status, or from Silver to Gold.

Free poker money

Play real money poker now without depositing a cent of your own money. We have daily freeroll tournaments, weekly $10,000 freerolls and even partner rooms that will give you money to begin playing when you open an account.

Check out all our free money offers

Coming soon: win Tilt Breaker for free

Free copies of Tilt BreakerGot tilt?

Well, keep an eye on our news and forum next month. At the beginning of January, we're going to be unveiling a new promotion that will award free Tilt Breaker licenses.

Tilt Breaker allows players to set automated Stop Losses, identify where they historically tilt and fatigue, put restrictions on their bankroll, hide distracting apps such as EV graphs or Internet browsers for maximum focus at the tables, and features a "Rage Quit" button to shut down a session.