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[NL20-NL50] SH25 - Sqz w/ JJ

    • chocular77
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 1,102

      BU: 61/18

      $0.10/$0.20 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG ($20.36) 102bb
      UTG+1 ($22.35) 112bb
      CO ($45.09) 225bb
      BTN ($22.80) 114bb
      SB ($27.72) 139bb
      cincinkid (BB) ($20.50) 103bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.30, 6 players) cincinkid is BB J J
      2 folds, CO raises to $0.60, BTN calls $0.60, 1 fold, cincinkid raises to $2.60, CO calls $2, BTN folds

      Flop: A 9 T ($5.70, 2 players)
      cincinkid bets $3, CO calls $3

      Turn: 3 ($11.70, 2 players)
      cincinkid checks, CO bets $5.95, cincinkid calls $5.95

      After his call he still has a big range but i don't think he would call another bet
      (which looks like i commit myself) with a weaker hand so i went for a c/c.

      Planing to fold the river if he bets since my line looks like a Ax for potcontrol
      and he can't give himself foldequity on the river.

      River: 9 ($23.60, 2 players)
      cincinkid checks, CO bets $33.54, cincinkid folds

      Final Pot: $57.14
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    • BogdanPS
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 27,588
      Hi Chocular,

      You say that his range is wide on the turn after calling our flop cbet. What is his range in your mind and what can bet there?

      Considering BTN is a fish I can see his preflop range being big broadways/Ax hands and even some bigger hands slowplayed (AK, AA, KK).

      Can you expect him to float the flop with 44 and then bluff turn? I find that hard to believe on this board.
    • chocular77
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 1,102
      Looking at his Fto3B he is able to continue with any pair, SC, suited Broadways and even some AQo, AJo.
      I excluded QQ+,AK because i thought he would definitly 4B it against such a squeeze but you made a good point.
      Haven't thought that he could slowplay them to keep the fish in.

      Equity Win Tie
      MP2 35.98% 35.28% 0.70% JJ-22, AQs-A9s, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, T9s, 98s, 87s, 76s, AQo-AJo, KJo+
      MP3 64.02% 63.32% 0.70% JdJs

      Looking at his FtoCB (in 3B pot) stat he seems to call with a lot of hands.
      Also thought that there must be some floats included since he can't have a hand 65% of the time.

      I didn't put him on this exact range while playing but i think he could still have something like this:
      With some some GS as floats.

      He got a lot of Aces in his range but because he doesn't fold on a cbet there are also a lot of Tx in his range.
      I thought if i bet again i would turn my hand into a bluff, he would fold all weaker hands.

      If i check he will check behind hands like Tx, 77,88 but maybe float his KQ,KJ since he can't win a showdown.

      After betting the turn i think his range should be very polarized: