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    • ghost2000
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      Hi to everyone!

      I`m Miro and i`m from Slovenia. I play poker for 2y and im still stick on microlimits. I played on FTP RUSH NL5 before they close it and my winrate was like 5 bb/100. Then i decide to play on PokerStars.
      I had some project on other forums and most of all they got well. I moved from NL2 SH to NL10 SH. In that time i was not a good player in term of BR and ABC player. So when i moved to NL25 i fell that pain. :)
      I`m here because i want to share my experiance and projects with all of you, and maybe i expect a litle support or some advice.
      I play noy on Pokerstars ZOOM NL5, 10, 25, FTP RUSH 5,10,25, and PartyPoker NL4 ( BR ... :) ).

      So thats my story of my pokerlife. I will open a project soon on PS NL5 SH, so see you there. :)
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    • DrDunne
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      hi ghost2000!

      welcome to pokerstrategy :D there are many people around the forums who play these limits - myself included. i'm also having problems moving to nl25 :(

      why don't you head over to the blogs section and create your own :)