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    • Rocco12
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      Hi all

      im really finding it hard to make a dent in my game when i play full ring . can any one give me advice on what should be me opening range on full ring. on line i do fine but live i just freeze wait for premium hands and just fade away .. any one have a stratergy i can try

      Please help
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    • abhi147
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      I had the same issue when i started live
      People just dont like to fold anything preflop

      Heres my few tips

      1- Preflop raise should be much higher as compared to live
      2- Dont bluff/semibluff in multiway pots
      3- Top pair should more often than not be good enough if not too much action
      4- Do not every 3 barrel AK as you may do online
      5- Dont c-bet into a maniac when you are not sure what u are going to do if he reraises you

      I know its a bit nitty but until you get a hold of live games play safe and tight
      Once youre experienced you will be able to exploit people and then you can increase your agression
    • RasTweet
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      Hey Rocco!

      I just moved your thread.

      We have a starting hand chart in our articles. I'm not sure how these work in a livegame, but I guess it's still the same game. You can find the articles in this article. These charts might be a bit tight in todays game, but on the other hand ppl often play too loose in the live games.

      I never played online so can't give you any tips from my own experience.