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Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest

    • luckyme44
      Joined: 31.07.2012 Posts: 31
      Hello PS Community,

      I'm creating a new blog after watching the featured Freebie video titled "Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest".. This truly seems to be a great challenge and series of videos.

      Little background:

      I played on FTP (pre-BF) 100k hands of 10NL FR 8-16 tables using very basic HUD Stats vpip/pf/af... I was still new to poker in general and didn't overwhelm myself with stats in the beginning.. Only wanted hand volume. I was about a 4bb/100 winner after 102k hands of VERY BASIC play.. nothing fancy, all I did was play top 19 hands or so and bet when i had it and folded when I didn't. Needless to say I wasn't playing as optimally as I can now (years later).

      I had a lot of success with Rush poker when it first came about. I dedicate a lot of that success to the videos made by a player who went by the alias name of Citizenwind. I quickly adopted his style of Rush play after watching him and switching my Mac to a PC (via bootcamp) so that I could run HEM (The only HUD that worked for rush poker in the beginning) & Table Ninja..

      Before I knew it I was crushing 100nl Rush with plenty of optimism about the future of poker and my place in it. I had been through the mental side of things and had come to appreciate variance and all that poker is and requires to succeed. I developed a zen like attitude where Tilt was never an issue anymore.. I recognize the signs of it coming on and just take a 15 min break/ breathe for a little bit and come back pumped to play again.. Like whatever happened before to tilt me would dissipate within that break. I would of course evaluate my plays and base my game off the decisions I made rather than the monetary results of that hand/session.

      I've scored a couple of online tourney wins with the largest being 3.6k as well as made the battle of the planets on pokerstars (100 game bracket). Although, my main game has always been Cash NL. Present day it's 50NL SH on Cake.. I live in the U.S. and lock poker is one of the few places I can still play.. I currently have only played 21k hands there but successfully moved from 20nl to 50nl without a problem. Oh and I haven't been using a HUD unfortunately due to the weird poker software that Lock has for mac users.. Still thinking of switching to windows and installing HEM or PT4 again.. I currently am 9k hands at 20nl with a 14bb/100 hands, and only 2.5k hands of 50nl thus far with a winrate of 25.8bb/100 HAHA (talk about running good and winning flips)... Satisfying to see that PTR has given me the steady eddy badge as of now.

      I withdrew a good chunk of what I've made so far as to keep my money SAFE! BF goes to show you just don't know when something of that magnitude might happen, so better safe than sorry..

      This is where I'm at now:
      Online poker roll of 850 or so. 50NL SH 1-3 tables (No HUD)

      Focus more on volume
      [ ] play at 20k hands January 2013
      [ ] watch/ read / study 1 article or video per every 2 days (15/month)
      [ ] write in blog to keep my goals in mind/ give myself material to reflect on at least once/week
      [ ] Post trouble/unsure hands and questions. (at least 3 per week)

      Thanks for reading my blog. I apologize for my bad grammar.. I always found composition classes boring as all hell.

      Good luck at the tables fellow players!
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