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      Hi Guys,

      I probably don't have a shot at winning this free lesson but I have to try.. I currently play $5 to $10 NL Holdem sit n go's multi tabling between 4-6 games. I read a lot of books and articles and always looking to improve my game and for the most part I just break about even. I feel I can do a lot better if someone guides me in the right direction. My problem is near the bubble in a 9-10 sit n go. When it gets down to 4 to 5 players.. I try to be aggressive and a lot of books I read say to be hyper aggressive & relentless in the later stage. I know it depends on how big the stacks are who has the big stack and who is short, aggressive, passive etc.. but how much is hyper aggressive??.. I just think I'm just around the corner from really breaking through and possibly making alil money since I just got laid off from my job that I worked for the last 10 years.. Now I have the time to put in and really get into & study the game I love. This would really make an awesome Xmas gift!!

      Thanks Guys!!
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