set vs straight / flush

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      Hi there
      Last few days i was thinking alot about set's against straight/ flush situation.. I know that you cant prevent any1 from drawing in fact most of the times you want them to draw. but is it a right decision to go broke with that hand?
      i know .. i know most of you r now thinking about 1 word "depends" the stacks.. pot ,stats.. well .. i cant use stats.. so i must depend on read's and im going broke every1 with a perfect read on that kind f situation becouse my implied odds r huge.
      i will trie a specify and group it in 2 situations
      1) you hit set after flop bet agresivily out your oponent calls and hit's straight or flush on turn / river.
      2) you hit a set on straight/flush board

      in 1st situation most of the times im commited to the pot.. even if im not commited on turn i call bet if oponents bet's on me = commited on river

      in 2nd when oponent allready made a posible draw after flop.. i still bet it out with set or call a bet .. couse i still got some outs like.. 7 and 10 ;)

      so is it right in thsoe kind of situations to go broke? ;)
      sorry for my eng. 4th lang T_T
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