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McStYles102 / rpcas - Rough Poker Career to Date!

    • McStYles102
      Joined: 09.07.2008 Posts: 1
      Hey, here my rough ride.

      I am a New Zealander that just got interested in poker around September last year. I practiced for hours on end in the PokerStars play money tables at first, and then deposited the minimum of $10. Well, as you'd expect, I lost it all pretty quickly. I was scared of the turn and river, and was limping in with garbage such as Q7, and betting all streets hard to make sure villains didn't draw when i hit a pair. Needless to say, i got trapped numerous times......

      Back to the play money tables, which i grinded and grinded. Notable play money results were second in a 400 man 250 play chip HORSE tourney on Full Tilt. Sick brag, i know! Other than that, i read many online articles, and eventually got to the stage were i could win three 27 man play money SNG's in a row. Wow, sick. I thought i was

      And then came the second deposit, also only $10. Well this time things worked out differently....i jumped into a 1/2c NLH on Stars, got AA first hand on the BB, and got it all in preflop. Wow, what a confidence booster. Then as time went past, i was making 3-4 NL2 buy-ins per day. I grinded for a long time.....and eventually hit $500. YES, I GRINDED 250 BUY-INS @ NL2. I was a bankroll nit, and enjoying my poker.

      Then came NL5, which after a first rough patch, i quickly grew to beat, and was beating it for an excellent rate. Then one morning, i jumped into 5 x NL5 6-max tables, and trying to mix it up, played a 2.20 6-max tourney on Stars. Six hours later, after crushing the tourney, demolishing the final table ( i had 2 million chips with three people left, they had 200,000 and 100,000), i was $700 richer. I thought i had hit it big time, and in the scheme of my career, i had.

      Then, with $1200 in my account, i moved up to NL10. Beating that easily after a while and after withdrawing $750, i moved up to Nl25 when i was on minor tilt. Luckily, it all went well, and i was grinding NL25. However, the variance of NL25 compared to Nl10 killed me. I was stressed out, as afterall, some days i would be + $100, the next day i would drop $50 equally as quickly. I was making money, but not the same 3-4 buy-ins per day that i could make in NL10.

      Then one day, i had enough. Enough bad beats, enough coolers, enough limp-callers out-flopping me, it was time to 'play where people respect my raises'. NL100 6-max, here we come. It started shaky, with AA going down to a shortstacker's K9, however when i got AA several hands later, and stacked QQ, it was fine. Also, the shorty hanged around for a little too long, and i got him with a set. Half an hour after entering the table, i was up $150......

      While i thought going to NL100 was good, it was the worst thing i ever ever ever did. Next week i was on tilt again, this time 2-tabling NL100 6-max. An hour later, i was sitting on $300 in one table, and $250 in the other. Little did i know i was running as hot as the sun.........but i was still up $300 for the day, a HUGE day for a NL25 player.

      Another week came around, as did another tilt session. This time i didn't run so good at Nl100, and instead lost a buyin. Then i went to NL200, and lost another buy-in there. That was all for that day, but it didnt take me long to return. However this time, instead of playing Nl100, it was straight to NL200. There i played a hand so unbelievably atrocious, so unbelievably lucky. I was on the worst tilt of my life - here it is:

      [QUOTE=rpcas;4626516]Yeah, i both suck, and tilt bad. Heres a lovely hand i played on the worst tilt of my life!

      Poker Stars, $1/$2 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 2 Players - Hand History Converter

      Hero (SB): $195
      BB: $242.60

      Pre-Flop: K:diamond: 4:heart: dealt to Hero (SB)
      Hero raises to $6, BB raises to $21, Hero calls $15

      Flop: ($42) 3:spade: Q:club: 9:diamond: (2 Players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $27.50, BB calls $27.50

      Turn: ($97) T:club: (2 Players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $49.50, BB raises to $194.10 and is All-In, Hero calls $97 and is All-In

      River: ($390) J:heart: (2 Players - 1 is All-In)

      Results: $390 Pot ($0.50 Rake)
      Hero showed K:diamond: 4:heart: (a straight, Nine to King) and WON $389.50 (+$194.50 NET)
      BB showed Q:diamond: Q:spade: (three of a kind, Queens) and LOST (-$195 NET)

      Not something to be proud of. Why i called $97 or four buy-ins at my normal stakes all in on the turn with a gutshot/K high, i don't know.

      Anyway, after this a losing $40 at these stakes, i decided Nl200 wasnt enough, so i went to Nl600. I started with $360, built it up to $600, and lost the lot. Bankroll = gone. Good game. The end. Tilt is my worst enemy. $600, which means a lot to me = gone, tilted away.

      Now, after taking a break, i am here, and rebuilding my roll through the pokerstrategy bonus offer. I vow never to play above Nl10 again, Nl25+ is too much variance, i dont want to play seriously, and i want to win easily and at a considerable rate.

      Thats it to date. Thanks.....
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    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Wow nice first post McStYles102,

      Let me welcome you to PokerStrategy - I hope you will enjoy it here and use what we offer to improve your playing. Tilt and lacking bankroll management are two of the worst enemies any aspiring (or even hobby) poker player can have. No matter how good you play - not having control of your tilt or using bad BRM will leave you broke sooner or later.

      So I hope that this forum and community will help you not only progress from a technical aspect but also from a psychological point of view.

      Best regards and hope to see you around,