[NL20-NL50] QTo vs unknown hero call vs weird line

    • Saren113
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      Heya! I cb beacuse of i got plenty of cards were i pick up EQ on and i can Keep barreling. I check behind the J cause i don't expect him to fold much on that turn card. On the river i expect him to donk all his Jx, I just don't see much value hands from his raising range therefor I call.

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      IRiverBluff (SB): $32.05
      Perun20 (BB): $36.01
      chancefatum (UTG): $84.09
      Stepundi (CO): $46.29
      HERO (BTN): $25.25

      Pre-flop: Dealt to HERO Q:spade: T:club:
      (2 folds), HERO raises to $.50, (1 folds), Perun20 calls $.25

      Flop: ($1.10) 7:heart: J:heart: 2:club: (2 Players)
      Perun20 checks, HERO bets $.75, Perun20 calls $.75

      Turn: ($2.60) J:diamond: (2 Players)
      Perun20 checks, HERO checks

      River: ($2.60) Q:club: (2 Players)
      Perun20 checks, HERO bets $1.25, Perun20 raises to $4.25, HERO calls $3
      Perun20 Showed K:diamond: 7:diamond:
      HERO Showed Q:spade: T:club:
      HERO wins $10.60 with two pair, Queens and Jacks
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    • mbml
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      I think ur play is fine. The river call is completely dependent on reads on whether he is capable of turningweak made hands into a bluff (midpairs) or not. The q is an good card for u to bluff at or perhaps even value bet ur qx so i really disagree with ur assessment that he should always donk his jx hands.

      So your bet call on the river must be based on your reads. I would always bet fold against a more passive player.
    • Phgrinder
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      i think the river bet is too thin without solid reads. only hands that you beat and will call is Q9- or 7x rest will just fold / bluff you off our hand.