came 2nd in weekly depositors freerolls 2k person tournament

    • Semesa
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      i lost about 80% of the coinflips but was able to out play most people all the way through with cbets and 3betting. as soon as blinds went up to 20k/40k i alternated between loose agressive and tAG and as a result i was able to take most of the pots without seeing a showdown.

      unfortunately i just wasnt stacked up enough to be any contender, i just sat back and watched the 2 top stacks fight it out(by the time it was down to top 3) and stole blinds to keep myself at breakeven. eventually one of them one, i coinflipped and lost for the Nth time.

      made $114. i am gunna withdraw it, and deposit it into full tilt when i get my $50 from PS
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