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Give me advice

    • profimaximus
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 110
      In last 90 days I improved my poker. I can see that by myself. But, as everyone else here, I would like to hear what I'm doing wong, and what I can improve. I read a lot, and I watched videos. So I'm trying to improve myself.
      I like SnG hy-tubo 6 max (cca $3.8 satelites for Sunday Storm), and hy-turbo HU $3.5. hu. But sometime when my BR allow I took my chances at $7 HU hy-turbo. And I must say that I better play when buy in is bigger.
      Here are my stats, and I would like to hear what to improve.

      SNG stasts:
      Games played: 604
      Averige profit: $0.43
      Averige ROI: 9%
      Total profit: $257
      Averige buy in: $4.99
      ITM%: 55%
      Winn/loses: 330/274
      Early finish:27%
      Early middle finish: 17.7%
      Middle finish: 17.9%
      Middle late finish: 0.3%
      Late finish: 37.1%

      HU stats:
      Games played: 295
      Averige profit: $0.26
      Averige ROI: 7%
      Total profit: $78.06
      Averige buy in: $3.65
      ITM%: 57%
      Winn/loses: 167/1128
      Early finish:0%
      Late finish: 0%

      Thanks in advance.
      (sorry for bad English)
      my nick at poker stars is: sale3672
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, profimaximus!

      Your english is fine, so don't worry!'s not that easy! I can't tell you what you do wrong and I can't turn you from a mediocre to a great player in just one post or by reading some results. Please, don't take this as a lack of willingness to help. You will just get the wrong idea, here's what I think:

      -the volume is too little, the sample is too small to make huge conclusions. Everything that I say might mislead you.
      However, the way to success is:
      -watch videos and read articles the way you do, post hands in the hand evaluation forums!!!(very helpful), review your game with SnG Wiz, Nash, ICM explorer or other useful programs. Work hard, study hard, keep your discipline on a level and you will make it through the micros and low stakes for sure. Once you reach the midstakes- this is where the real test begins. But you would have the solid base already to know how to proceed.

      Remember, that good things require both time and sacrifice, so don't be results oriented and don't give up or skyhigh your ego if you are in a bad or good run!

    • profimaximus
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 110
      Thanks for answer. I know that I have to learn and learn.
      When I said advice, I mean what can you see from stats that i published. Do I fold to much, or to little? Am I agresive, or not?
      Or maybe I should start blog and post there my progress, and things like this. But first then I have to set some targets, right?
    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi again :P

      I know what you meant, but the thing is that 604 is too tiny of a sample to give you advices as they might be misleading. As an SnG grinder, I can tell you - the more the better and if a few K games is not big enough of a sample(as it's not) what about 600 games...

      Starting a blog is a great idea imo. It helped me a lot, it helped other people too. Basically, you set goals, you do it publicly, so that gives you more of a motivation and makes u feel committed somehow. I do this every month- I set goals and try to follow them. Sometimes I would make goals for 2-3 months f.e. But not goals like-make 3k or 4k, or 2k or whatever money, but goals like:
      -post every hand you are unsure of
      -watch 15 vids for the month
      -spend 1 day a week of reviewing your game with HEM/WIZ
      -play 1.3k games
      etc, etc....Just giving you a hint.