• martinemem
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      What about we get a headsup, or a popup saying: "Danish scum, stay away! If u keep trying, it might work for u tomorrow @ CET xx:xx"

      Instead of silence, and no possible way to find out, when it is going to be up again...

      Yes this is the 4th time THIS MONTH. 6-10 time last 2 month.

      Just saying...
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      Hey martinemem,

      What troubles are you currently having please and I'll see if I can help you out ;)

    • martinemem
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      when i try to login via nemid it just freezes.

      Some other danes says its because of party, and not nemid thats the issue.

      A few says after waiting while it freezes for hours they get lucky and connect.

      But same problem as i posted earlier (afaik what it looks like)

      Would be super neat if u could do something ;D!

      ex suggest they come up with some sort of timeframe that pops up, so we know how long its closed.

      1 of the few that got lucky and could connect, was REALLY annoyed when partypoker auto logoff system shuts him down again.

      Also that is something they could make possible to turn off in client or something.