[NL20-NL50] Live action flop spot vb+semibluff?!

    • Marzia
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      Was playing in a live game yesterday, and wondered about this hand:

      $1/$2 Full Ring NL

      Hero is UTG + 2 and has $140

      88 dealt to Hero

      UTG opens for $6
      UTG + 1 Calls (few hands, but fishy, seems to overplay postflop)
      Hero Calls
      4 folds
      SB Calls
      BB Calls

      FLOP (pot: $30):
      567 Rainbow

      UTG Checks
      UTG +1 bets $15
      Hero shoves all in ($136)
      SB calls
      3 folds

      I'm not comfortable in these spots where I find myself with <100bb...

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