[NL2-NL10] TT vs. overshove

    • JCSeerup
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      No Limit Hold'em $0,02/$0,05
      7 players
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      UTG - UTG ($2,33)
      UTG+1 - UTG+1 ($2,19)
      MP - MP ($1,52)
      CO - CO ($2,00)
      BTN - BTN ($7,90)
      SB - Hero ($9,44)
      BB - BB ($13,03)

      Preflop: ($0,07, 7 players) Hero is SB with Tc Td
      2 folds, MP calls $0,05, 2 folds, Hero raises to $0,20, BB raises to $13,03 (all-in), 1 fold, Uncalled bet of $12,83 returned to BB

      Total Pot: $0,45

      BB wins $0,45

      BB has already been 3-bet shoving a couple of times against me, in this specific spot I thought about calling because his range seemed to be pretty wide, but I wasn't willing to flip for almost 2 BI's.

      I'm just wondering what kind of range I should call in a spot like this when my opponent is shoving as a 3-bet pretty often.
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi Jcseerup,

      Preflop: The problem with calling here with a wide range is that we are deep and our equity won't be phenomenal in most cases (unless he shoves any 2 versus you).

      I'd say I'd call rather tight here, with mostly big pockets. I rather not flip for 200 BBs. Your investment is small so there's not need to go crazy after it.
    • serverm07
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      I call TT+ AK+ here if he is shoving that much vs u.