Rush/Zoom big stack size discussion

    • tolari
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      Hey, sorry if there was a thread like this.

      I am currently experimenting with playing deep. I have a feeling that regs with stacks 200bb+ play more straightforward and you have more value from bigstacked fishes.

      I wonder how do you guys prefer to play on zoom/rush, you quit a table when you hit given BB's or are you comfortable with playing very deep and why?
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    • Kaitz20
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      playing deep gives you more pre- and postflop options. I generally would not leave games even if I have 300bb, but also I don´t play any more rush, because I like to play against same opponents and build up aggressive history (that rush games won´t most of the times happen, since opponents are changing too often)

      Also it is always good flop nuts against fish and get 200bb all-in 95% ahead.