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    • samgamgee
      Joined: 06.07.2008 Posts: 49
      After recieving my free $50 for to play at Mansion poker i played out of my skin for about 5 hours during the day and turned $50 into $286 i loved the site and was sure i was going to carry on with my bonus and complete the requirments but when i went back on the same night i was holding my own losing $40 then winning $40 and played for about 3 hours ,casually having a drink while i was playing .It got to about 11:30 pm and i accidently clicked on a high stakes table and saw that you could play a $2/$4 table with a minnimum stack of $80 and i saw the big stacks at the table of anything from $400-over a $1000 and probably because of the drink i thought i would jump in and have a go for the last 20 minuets of the night .Well i got eaten alive my first $80 was gone in a matter of a few minuets and i quickly put another $80 on convincing myself i was unlucky and would redeem my self with another go .Again i was eaten alive and was quickly put in my place .After that i put my last $50 on a 25/50 table and got dealt a pair of QQ and went all in only for someone with AK to call me and pulled an A on the flop .I went to bed shell shocked and when i woke the next morning i couldnt believe i had lost all my bankroll in 20 minuets of madness thinking i could hold my own with some very very good players ,they dont put that amount of money on for nothing ,its because they know exactly what they are doing and love the have a go hero like me so they can mop up and clean me out
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