10k hands at NL10-6Max Stats and Graph for Review

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      Hey All,

      So I have moved back to Party after cleaing most of the "DMI" Bonus at FT. So I am now back to playing 6Max Fast Foward. My first day back was pretty rough but had great day today and also hit 10k hands.

      I have inclued my Stats and Graph for 10k of hand played on Party Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker across normal 6-Max, Fast Foward/Rush Tables and some hand will be takken from when FR tables drop below 7 players at 5c/10c NLHE.

      Game Type Description $0.05/0.10 NL
      Game holdem
      Hands- 10,013
      $- -$4.80
      bb/100- -0.48
      VPIP%- 19.6
      PFR%- 17.8
      WTSD%- 18.4
      W$SD%- 52.8
      Agg- 7.07
      Agg%- 44.8
      Rake- $53.32
      EV bb/100- -1.05
      PFR/VPIP Ratio- 90.9
      3Bet%- 6.07
      vs 3Bet Call%- 7.65
      4Bet Range- 1.40
      Sqz%- 4.55
      Flop Agg%- 59.0
      Turn Agg%- 30.4
      River Agg%- 18.3
      Flop CBet%- 88.8
      Flop CBet% Success- 48.2
      Turn CBet%- 39.8
      Flop Fold vs Cbet- 58.0
      Flop vs Raise Fold%- 70.9
      Steal Pct- 40.9
      Overall Steal Success- 56.5
      Early UO PFR- 12.9
      Middle UO PFR- 14.4
      Cutoff UO PFR- 31.2
      Button UO PFR- 60.8
      SB UO PFR- 31.3
      Preflop Positional Awareness- 4.72
      River Call Efficiency- 2.86
      SB Reraise Steal- 10.4
      BB Reraise Steal- 12.3
      SB Fold to Steal- 84.9
      BB Fold to Steal- 77.3

      All Sites Graph

      All Sites Graph-Normal

      All Sites Graph-Fast Foward/Rush

      Party Poker Graph-All

      Party Poker Graph-Normal

      Party Poker Graph-Normal

      PokerStars graph-All

      Full Tilt Poker graph-All/Rush

      Links to previous stat and graph threads.

      Ok so I will adress the issues raised in the 100k hands at NL10 FR and the 20K+ hands at NL4 6Max.


      1. Flop CBet too high - Well 1% lower than last 6max thread but still needs to go down furthuer.
      2. Agg too high need to play more pasive in some spots - dont think I have fixed this.
      3. CO a bit too tight - Think I have improved this, but I think my MP needs to increse because it is too close to my EP.
      4. Not Folding enough to Flop CBets and Raisers - think this is better.
      5. WTSD and W$SD was weird - I think this is better but W$SD should be higher.

      Any feedback would be much apreciated.

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