[Application] (Edited) Stake me at PS

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      "Been at least 2 years I didn't play poker online. But I still know my lessons. I really would appreciate to be staked at pokerstars. actually I miss the games. And my country's policies won't allow me to deposit with my visa card. I have PayPal but PayPal is not accepting pokerstars. I miss the feeling of playing again.
      I may not be as convincing as the other players but you won't regret staking me."

      About me: my pokerstars screenname is "seednoir"
      Since I didn't play poker for while, since I changed computer many times, I don't have graph of my previous games. What I do have is a link of a blog I created here years ago
      from 4.79$ to xxx$ at Pokerstars

      I would like someone to stake me from 25$ to 50$. I will play 1$ NL 180man SNG and 1$ NL 45man SNG. I have experience playing these two formats.

      The winnings will be split in 2. Meaning 50% - 50%

      I guess I can't post my Skype ID, so if you're interested, add me as a friend and I will give all the information you need.

      I hope this thread won't be closed, of there is any information I forgot to add, just tell me I will add it.

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