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2 Many Dragons Left 2 Slay

    • profimaximus
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 110
      Hi everyone.
      I've been playing poker for last 5 years. I like live game, but most of time I play online.
      I tried to play all types of poker, but most succes I had at SnG 6 max Hyper turbos $3.75 satellites, and HU Hyper turbos $3,5, $7 and $15.
      First I like to say that I respect my BR, and most of the time I play $3,5 or $7 (depends on BR), but from time to time I play game or two $15. Just love that adrenalin when I play $15.
      My stats are this (for last 90 days, taken from pokerpro labs)

      SNG stasts:
      Games played: 599
      Averige profit: $0.43
      Averige ROI: 9%
      Total profit: $254.83
      Averige buy in: $5.00
      ITM%: 55%
      Winn/loses: 328/271
      Early finish:27%
      Early middle finish: 17.5%
      Middle finish: 18.0%
      Middle late finish: 0.3%
      Late finish: 37.1%

      HU stats:
      Games played: 371
      Averige profit: $0.47
      Averige ROI: 11%
      Total profit: $174.22
      Averige buy in: $4.43
      ITM%: 57%
      Winn/loses: 212/159
      Early finish:0%
      Late finish: 0%

      And to say that I'm not chasing to have 1000 played SnG per day, or something like that. I like to play one at a time, to be in focus for every single hand. Also somedays I will not play at all, and some days I will spent 6 hours playing. It depends on my moode, and how I feel at the moment.
      When I'm angry, pissed, sleepy I don't play :)

      In this blog I will try to put all interested hands which I played, and one smart gut from pokerStrategy said that I have to have some goals.
      OK my first goal will be to make january 2013. 1K month.

      And not to forget, if someone have some advice for me, free freely to write it. Or if someone played against me, tell me my mistackes.
      My nick at Stars is sale3672
  • 3 replies
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,214
      Good luck with this blog profimaximus!

      I will be following :)

      Have a great 2013!
    • Flushmaker89
      Joined: 22.08.2011 Posts: 19,025
      Good luck, sounds interesting.
    • profimaximus
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 110
      OK, this is my first update.
      Last night, Saturday, I played for 3 hours. I was at $7 HU hyper turbos. And 3 very funny and interesting things happened.
      First is that after 2 hours, and around 50 SnG's played I was good for $2.5(TWO and half dollars). Yeaaah, great success! :)
      Second is that from some Hungarian guy I lost 4 times, not in a row, but during that evening :(
      Third is that I run to a guy from Russia, and in first hand, 500 chips starting stack, blind 10/20, He played All In. I got KK. Wow, lucky me I thought. Specialy when he opened his cards. 92 off!!!!!!!! Wow one more time. But..... folp 922, omg! but ok I;m still alive, maybe turn or river. BUT turn 2. What a f**k. I lokked for him for revansh, but I couldn't find him :(
      I will play tonight and maybe be more lucky this time.

      HU stats:
      Games played: 422
      Averige profit: $0.42
      Averige ROI: 9%
      Total profit: $177.22
      Averige buy in: $4.72
      ITM%: 56%
      Winn/loses: 238/184
      Early finish:0%
      Late finish: 0%