[NL20-NL50] KK cold 4bet

    • AchillesBG
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      Prima, $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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      Hero (SB): $80.90 (161.8 bb)
      BB: $70.69 (141.4 bb)
      UTG: $72.99 (146 bb)
      MP: $26.66 (53.3 bb)
      CO: $50.75 (101.5 bb)
      BTN: $50 (100 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with K:club: K:diamond:
      UTG raises to $2, 2 folds, BTN raises to $5, Hero raises to $13, 2 folds, BTN calls $8

      Flop: ($28.50) Q:diamond: 9:club: 2:club: (2 players)
      Hero bets $12, BTN calls $12

      Turn: ($52.50) 9:diamond: (2 players)
      Hero (25$) ?

      UTG 14/8 73 hands
      BU 16/10 74hands

      Preflop? I guess BU range is QQ+, AK, maybe like 1 combo JJ, so i 4bet for value. I don`t really want to call OOP. If UTG shoves and BU calls, i`m folding?

      I guess he can call QQ+/AK? On this flop? Bet/fold? Ch/f?

      As played turn is ch/f?
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    • cutegoldfish
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      unless you have a very solid read that one of them absolutely must have AA, then you can fold, otherwise its fine to play KK aggressively in 6max.

      his 3bet/calling range could contain many weaker hands like JKs QTs AQ etc. unless you can exclude these hands from his range, his range on the flop could contain some draws and i think its a good bet/call here. he could raise his draws here as well.

      how do you think he plays a draw like a FD? or 2 overcards like AK that did not give up? or a top pair like QT? if you think hes supper aggressive i think its fine to check/call here. if you do not have this read is fine to just shove it into the middle. you will probably get called if they have a flush draw, but if they fold that's good too as you get their equity.

      take note that some worse hands can call you here like AQ or sometimes even TT and JJ
    • AchillesBG
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      It`s not a big sample size, but he looks tight and he is 3 betting vs. UTG, who looks like a nit. I think this means polarized range AK,QQ+ for value (AK/QQ might even be a call) and maybe sometimes Ax/broadways as bluff.

      I doubt he is calling a cold 4bet with suited broadways/AJ-AQ in this spot, without some crazy dynamics. So i think he has mainly QQ+/AK.

      Postflop: He can`t have FD (A :club: K :club:) , because i have K :club: . He is probably not floating with AK. => He has QQ+, and i`m beat...

      I just started playing NL50 and i don`t know the dynamics there. I might also be result oriented in this hand...
    • mbml
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      Preflop: 4b shuld be ur default but do u ever bluff in this spot? Is he capable of herofolding ak and qq? Coldcalling oop 3way is not very desirable but should be an option still.

      Flop: not too good of a flop to bet on, u dont get multiple streets from jj, not sure whether he ever has aq played in this manner, we want to induce from ak and qq crushes us anway.

      With dynamic i could see an aegument for shoving turn since many draws are out there and he could herocall jj and aq but given the info provided i would bet smaller on flop and check turn or just check flop right away