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      hey boys n' girls!

      won't write a big intro or anything as i just want to track my progress through my play.

      a bit about me: so im 20years old unemplyed guy who likes poker. ye that should be enough :D

      poker: was playing NLHE 6max for quite some time but with no success, so i decided why not to try HU sngs as thats the one thing i've never tried.
      so i made kind of a challange or w/e u want to call it. had 10$ on stars so i thought fuck it i won't take any money from moneybookers and just grind those 10$ :D
      i've already played 313 sngs and i started playing 7s at like 200th game.
      as i've heard from most HU guys they say that HUsngs are super soft till midstakes (30$+ sngs) and well, i can't dissagree with them, im pretty new to HU and to be totaly honest i've seen only 1 decent(atleast i thought he was) player at 7s.

      okay thats enough of an intro, turned out pretty long afterall :D

      some monthly goals:

      :club: play 500sngs (1tabling)
      :club: watch videos and take notes

      only 2 goals should be enough for now i think.
      will add some more in later months :)

      will probably be updating daily or weekly, can't rly decide on that yet but we'll see

      thanks for reading if any1 actualy does read this and gl @tables
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