Poker770 Ripoff

    • bobbywelsh
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      I am sick to the back teeth of 770!!! In their Magic Box crap I won a $5 side game token which if u win u need to play through 50 TIMES to use in poker. I didn't win THIS is the part that has really annoyed me- the $5 that I spent on blackjack came off my POKER account!!!!

      They take any money that you have in our account to cover the side games!!! Ie unless your account balance is 0 you will be spending your own money!!!! NOT the token you have won!!!

      What a rip off I an still waitin on a complaint being resolved regarding the crap IT for the site- being frozen out of 2 tournament with no way to get back in after rebooting

      ABSOLUTE SHAMBLES OF A SITE. Also customers services have major problems understanding either spoken or written English.
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    • martinstids
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      + slow withdraws and also they ask for documents AGAIN every fckig month. That was last time im playing there.. still waiting for my money...
      + i got 2 card complects in these boxes, lot of points and side game bonuses. Im not sure what can i do with these points, but im sure its smt liek sidegame bonus - uselssssssss... shame on these promo where u cant win smt more then 2 cents.
      +support....... holly shi.t i think group of monkeys in zoo can help me faster and better :)
    • JimC6
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      I fell for this when I first joined 770 and they gave me a free $10 side games bonus.

      As I told someone in the magic box thread the best thing to do is go to a stud table where there is no limit to what you can sit with and put your whole balance and sit out there while you play the side games.
    • maythany
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      I hear there is a lot of fish at that site>?
    • nefarious26
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      yeah look north