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marcelhermus poker carreer

    • marcelhermus
      Joined: 08.11.2007 Posts: 8,867
      Ok I already have a blog in dutch, but i think most people don`t understand this language.

      I`m a member of pokerstrategy from 08.11.2007.

      before pokerstrategy i played with real money before.
      Found some sites where they gave me free money. played with 35$ on vcpoker got broke, played with 50$ on titan got broke, played with some dollars on unibet got broke and played some shasta`s at everest and never got a lot of money.
      the main reason that i got broke every time was that i tilted a lot. bankroll management was for me a logic thing, allthough i played when i tilted above my bankroll.

      but good i started at pokerstrategy on full tilt. with SSS, had to try this strategy. i cleared my bonus, but never made realy profit with this strategy.
      so at about 100$ i started 1+0,25 45 man sit en go. and worked my way up to 200.
      at this time i could not get very lucky any more and i thought it was time for a new site.
      i left a little money on full tilt so i could play here if i wanted to.

      but i moved to pokerstars. onfornunately this site wasn`t linked at pokerstrategy so i had to play someimes to maintain a bronze status.
      but at pokerstars i started grinding the 1 dollar sit en go. and quickly moved up. also thanks to some cashgames, but cashgames are also my weakpoint.

      i started playing de 5,50 normal sit en go and moved up to about 400/500 dollars. but quickly degenerated my bankroll by playing on a saturday night. and i usually drink some beers on a saturdaynight, so you probably know what i mean.
      so i wen`t back to about 150 dollars. started playing the 5,50 sit en go again, but couldn`t get realy fast up again. lot of suckouts on the bubble, and the duration was very long.
      so started with the 6,50 turbo`s played some and got a possitive roi.

      roi on pokerstars
      1,10 somewhere between 40 and 45
      5,50 roi of 28
      6,50 roi of 13

      i was planning to grind up with the 6,50, but then i started playing some heads-up. it was above my bankroll, but i did a lot about table selection. playing against weak tight players. and i dried some of them completely out. so i worked up to about 1000.

      this was by the way a pretty long period (about 31 januari till 20 may).

      i decided to cash something out and put it on another site. so i looked for a nice bonus offer on pokerstrategy.
      and mansion it was going to be. 500+500 seemed nice to me. i left about 250 /300 at pokerstars.
      and about 750 i put on mansion.

      on mansion i decided to start with cashgaming again. i hoped i had learn a lot in the meanwhile. and i started at 0,15/0,30 nl.
      i found out that the level of play wasnt the problem, but my tilting again was. the amount of slowplayers was also not very good for my tilting.
      so i dropped a little and raised a little. my bankroll was on the top about 850 dollar.
      i decided i was a bit easy to get of balance. and sit en go were my main money making thing before.
      so sit en go i`m going to play again. started with some 5,50 to try the level of play. didn`t found the level too hard and decided since i had the bankroll to play the 10+1. unfortunately i lost about 10 games in a row and stopped playing them cause i wasn`t playing them comfortable anymore.

      then started playing a lot of stuff and my bankroll went up and down till the lowest point thus far about 360 dollar.
      in the mean time i started playing omaha. i`m about break even on it by the way.
      but i was down to that amount.
      the i played a tournament and got 2nd and my bankroll went up again. 637 on mansion.
      the good news is that i already played free 300 dollars from my bonus, and i`m leaving it on the place where it is. i wan`t to gain a bankroll without this bonus.

      meanwhile on pokerstars i participated with the battle of the donkeys and got a nice 26th place in it. too bad not higher cause the price money was rising rapidly. but this gave me a nice bankroll on pokerstars again.

      for now i have bankrolls on 3 sites

      full tilt about 40 and i play the low level sit en go sometimes. trying to lift it with these.

      pokerstars about 750, don`t know yet what to do with this right now. playing an occasional tournament i think.

      mansion 637 (and a bonus of 300 for safety :D ) he`re i`m playing omaha right now and some 5,50 sit en go. when the bonus period is over i`m going to decide what to do with all this money.
      mansion is my main site at the moment cause i collect strategypoints here. and off course the bonus wich i have to try to release.

      this was about the history so far for my pokercarreer.

      i`m very happy i got the money from pokerstrategy. and worked it up to about 1500 dollar in less then a year.
      hopefully it will go quicker in the next months.

      gona edit this message later just for the readability of it.

      in the next message i`m going to put some more personal stuff.
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    • Zeffke
      Joined: 17.04.2007 Posts: 1,123
      Nice to see you starting an english blog as well, keep us informed ;)
    • marcelhermus
      Joined: 08.11.2007 Posts: 8,867
      ok here i`m going to put some more personal stuff. about my tilting sessions, and more of that stuff.

      ok when i started playing poker i found myself a reasonable player. I`m pretty good in all kind of games, the less luck the better :D . and started first on everest with al kind of shastas. here i managed with sit en go to get some dollars. but it wasnt going fast ebnough for me. so i threw away bankrollmanagament and was quickly broke.
      i simply lacked te discipline to go from 0 to a nice ammount.

      so i started looking for free money. the first free money i found was at vcpoker. and i started playing there. i played some tournaments and alot of other stuff. i couldn`t go + so after a couple of badbeats i tilted a little and registered for some mtt above my bankroll. and lost it all again.

      i considdered myself a moderate player at that moment. but not good enough to make a deposit. i found it a waist of money. cause if i`m going to be a winning player i must learn alot.

      so found another site with free money. this time my money went to titan. and boy this was a non stop tilting session. on the lowest stakes (cashgames) i got rivered alot. so i hoped that if i played a bit higher i got better players against me. wrong off course :D .
      in the end i was fed up with all the beats. i put it on heads up games with my entire bankroll.
      first i won some. but eventually i lost.

      after i was broke again i decided to stop playing poker for a while. if i tilt this much i cannot go really + i suppose.

      after a while i wanted to played for real money again. and whent for a search (again) for some free money.

      then i found pokerstrategy.

      after that i played a lot. and also tilted alot. it is a big part of my game.

      i`m not happy at all that i`m still tilting so much. you should think i gotta get rid of this.

      i`m a pretty experienced player i suppose. but this part of me is very bad.

      psychology was a part of my education so i should be a little bit good at it. but i can`t get it right in my head.

      at some point i just get some sort of blackout. and start to do stupid things.

      my tilting has two markable points.

      the first one is started acting like a calling station. i see draws and am going to chase them. this always is the first tilting point.

      the second and a bit more serious is the pushing with bullshit stuff.
      one of my worst tilts was in a heads up game. i got runner runner outrivered. and reloaded and starting pushing any hand.
      when i also lost this money i stopped and saw what i did.

      afterworths i can laugh about it most of the time. the stupid stuff i do.

      but its also very frustrating. cause this tilting has cost me alot of money. and its just a shame.
    • gggeorgio
      Joined: 05.09.2007 Posts: 494
      Hi marcel,

      It's good to hear you recognizing your tilting problems. I think this is the first step in fixing them. I have also lost 2 free 50$ bankrolls after making it to 350$, then 1000$ and loosing it all both times. For me it wasn't really tilting like you, but more playing way over my bankroll. Once I played PLO200 2 tabling with full stacks when I only had 800$ in my account and barely new how to play PLO. I've learned to NEVER play over my head now.

      Everyone makes mistakes and its how we learn from them, and not make the same mistakes again that is important I think. For you it sounds like you need to identify your tilt earlier on while you're playing, when you become a calling station and stop playing immediately. Even if you just stop for 15min it can often be enough to get your focus back.

      Best of luck, and hopefully we can both make this our last free bankroll we ever take :)
    • marcelhermus
      Joined: 08.11.2007 Posts: 8,867
      ok soon i will be making a bigger update.

      but am playing omaha hi/lo at the moment.

      omaha hi was too swingy for me.

      sessions of 40+ 60+ and then a single tiltsession of 150- and 110-

      still i made a profit :D .

      but i`m playing hi/lo right now.

      the game is very weak and quite passive wich suits me fine.

      so i hope i can continue with playing this game focussed.
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      Welcome in the English Community :]
    • marcelhermus
      Joined: 08.11.2007 Posts: 8,867
      gona edit my blog again i think.

      since the last time i wrote mansion moved from ongame to ipoker. and i hated everything. so i moved some money to full tilt. for the rakeback. about 500 dollars. the rest i had left went to moneybookers --> my bankaccount.

      however on full titl my 500$ were gone after two weeks. (i guess they call it full tilt for a reason)

      i had about 500 dollar left on stars so started playing sit en go again. however i did not run very well.

      so i now am playing 0,10/0,25 shorthanded.

      and so one in a while a tournament.

      the fun part on the tournaments are. i made some pretty nice ships.

      i shipped and omaha tournament for about 500$

      and last night i finisched 5th in a rebuy tournament for 1000$.

      so i now have 1900 dollars and am kinda overrolled for 0,10/0,25. but i will stay playing it for now cause i am not completely satisfied with my level of playing.

      i have a little bankroll on other sites to keep my status at least silver. cause my stars isn`t linked to pokerstrategy.

      further i`m withdrawing every month abouth 10% of my bankroll. but i keep in mind to maintain a reasonable bankroll.

      it just feels good to make some money out of poker.