2013 - The grind to 200K supernova and 400NL

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      Hi, my name is Steven, I'm 21 years old and aside from working closely with pleno and Andrew "Boomer2k10" Clayton coordinating the english poker school, I play online sit & goes for a living...

      Or at least, I did.

      I'll give a back story of my poker life etc i'm sure if you TL;DR there will be some fun goals for you to follow at the bottom.


      So in 2007 I discovered poker, I was 16, living in Liverpool UK (still am here), got invited to a friends house to play a £2 buyin game, ended up chopping heads up for a tidy £2-3 profit. and from then I was hooked, signed up to some sites in my dads name and grinded out the freerolls most nights lol, just loved the game. Parents wouldnt let me deposit until i turned 18 so before then i was just grinding the play money and the freerolls and studying.

      Soon enough I turned 18, deposited $100 and started grinding, my dad recently told me although at the time he didnt really approve, he presumed that I would deposit, lose my $100, realise i wasnt as good as I thought and get on with my life. He was certainly wrong :)

      so I played casually for a while, studying, being a small winner at micro/small stakes mtts and sngs, made a couple of confidence boosting scores and after deciding to not go to university and being underpaid in some awful dishwashing job in late 2010 I got a backing/coaching deal, so at the beginning of january 2011 I told my parents I'm being a poker pro, I started grinding 90man sng's and got me one of those sharkscope stars (for a little while) and had a graph that looked something like this:

      Also as a side note in feb 2011 I got backed for UKIPT nottingham and came 12th - so here's some fun stuff:

      10 min Documentary on my UKIPT run trolol http://www.pokertube.com/videos/the-fitzy-story-at-ukipt-nottingham-2011

      my minute of fame on national TV :f_cry: (from 7.45-8.50...also a compliment from liv boeree): http://www.pokertube.com/videos/ukipt-s02-ep11-22

      forgive me, i was such a live donk sigh...not to mention i couldnt stack chips and i hate how fast and stuttery and incoherent I talk, I was 19 and this was my first live tournament so I guess im okay with it.

      then good old black friday happened. motivation died along with almost all my net worth and after bumming about doing nothing for 3 months and slowly watching the rest of my bank balance deplete with nothing to top it up I went and got a job as a poker dealer in october 2011. did that for almost a year until august 2012 when i got sacked for pretty marginal reasons that i think were pretty unfair but could end up being for the best.

      During 2012 i played relatively little online poker and went on a stint of trying my luck live (at least from jan-september), came 9th in DTD deepstack for £3.8k (£61k uptop sigh) had another little score coming 11th in another tourney in nottingham with £10k uptop. I bricked hard at live cash and overall with travel/hotel expenses i probably ended about breakeven and unless you're going and having a laugh with a bunch of friends I think travelling the live circuit is just exhausting. I'm glad I did it but i'm ready to chill and play online now. I also got backed by Pleno for 50NL during 2012, more about that post tl;dr

      (btw i say the live circuit as if i was some live pro, i just meant i travelled to play poker a couple times a month and got exhausted from that cant imagine doing it like all the time)

      TL;DR END


      so in september 2012 i decided to go all out and buy a new computer after getting sacked from my job and decided to start taking online poker seriously again. found i'm good at 18man sngs on stars and started playing them...alot.

      in about march 2012 Pleno decided to take me on backing me for 50NL, for about 6 months i was a losing player and I think about 3-4 months ago i really started to find my footing and started solidly beating the 888 50nl games. although my volume has been relatively poor im churning out small profits and have made us both a small amount of money since he started backing me, this year i want to try and make my living playing sngs but put in enough volume of cash on the side to climb the stakes. Also Pleno has promised more coaching this year so if that happens im sure I can achieve some tasty winnings at online cash.

      We're finally here, my goals for 2013:

      [ ] make 200KVPPs on pokerstars and do an ATM cashout of that pretty $2.6k bonus you recieve when you make 200kVPPs

      [ ] be playing $30 and $60 18man sngs regularly

      [ ] have one of those sharkscope leaderboard stars

      [ ] play 20,000 sngs during the year

      [ ] make $20K from SNGs alone pre-rakeback ($1/game assuming i reach my volume target)

      [ ] play 12k hands of cash/month (i'm aware this is low volume, but it accounts for approx 1h/day 20 days/month 6 tabling, and considering i will be working some hours every day, playing sngs 6 hours/day and coaching my own students 1h/day too I feel this is a suitably difficult goal)

      [ ] be beating 200nl by years end and be looking to play 400NL (im relatively skeptical but pleno believes it can happen so what he believes I believe)

      [ ] net 2013 income of $40k

      [ ] not check stars balance more than once per week, just focus on playing my best poker and not think about how much ive won or lost, get out of the habit of locking up wins and chasing loses instead just focus on playing and volume.

      I will check my sharkscope graphs and account balance exactly once per week, I plan on not looking at my account balance on stars other than every week on a thursday, just focusing on getting volume in and going on the assumption that if im a winning player there is no need to look since volume will take care of the profits and i don't want to get into the habit of playing 20 games, winning $300 and 'locking it up' for the day, which has always struck me as a stupid concept but i do it anyway, another thing i need to put a stop to, infact theres another goal right there *jots goal down*.

      So I will post updates on my sngs every week and updates on cash whenever seems suitable. i've had a good 2013 so far in the 1 day i've played:

      and i will update with a new graph this thursday then every week and talk about how my week has gone. I will obviously reply to any questions and perhaps post some hands here sometimes, especially interesting cash hands.

      fwiw my stars name is the same as here so you can scope me yourself if you're ever interested.

      okay i'm out

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      Guess you beat me to this one...

      Good Luck man, rooting for you :f_thumbsup:
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      i am playing 18-180man 15-30$ too at stars .
      how many tables do u usually play? also do u use hem and if yes what do u think about the ev line ?
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      following, gl :D
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      Originally posted by Schris7
      i am playing 18-180man 15-30$ too at stars .
      how many tables do u usually play? also do u use hem and if yes what do u think about the ev line ?
      15-20, depends if im playing sets or playing continuously, i havnt decided what i prefer yet, I think the EV line is weird and i dont take it into account much. its pretty difficult to quantify a tournament EV line and essentially all that seems to happen is in being told im running below EV all the time, when i really dont think i am. and if you believe that it can probably hinder your improvement. so yeah don't think about the tournament EV line.

      as for cash its obviously a bit more accurate and you can clearly tell if you're just running insanely bad from it, but for example if you get in KK vs AA 200 times in one day and win 22% of the time you're running above EV :D which is ridic.

      so in tourneys i would treat it as pretty much something there is no need to look at, in cash it's a reasonable guide but not the be all and end all
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      Nice thread, following gl
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      Nice openingpost!
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      hero obv.
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      lol 5bet pottaments: http://weaktight.com/5368985

      i rep pretty close to nothing when i shove river (except hands that 5bet bluffed pre with a J in them...and i probably do this with AA some percentage of the time so might not be too bad) but with a showdown percentage of 16% i don't think this guy is looking to herocall a small pair here or ace high. pretty sure those hands are the top of his range just decided to go for it. it worked which obv means its the right play...theres some chance we were chopping but either way that's fine also, not gonna complain about bluffing ppl off of chops

      Originally posted by Varune

      Nice openingpost!
      thanks :)
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      Great read, gl hitting your goals this year!
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      I admire attitude and effort more than almost anything else.

      Looks like you have heaps of both.

      Good luck and go get 'em!
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      GL,was a nice read :-)
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      played 100 sngs and 900 cash hands today, time to do actual work and go to bed, solid grind. doing it all again tomorrow. i check my balance on stars tomorrow night so will post a graph in the early hours of friday & every thursday/friday afterwards :) .
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      Nice OP,

      Why did you end up at 18mans? Looking at the Pokertube stuff I would have thought 180s would be your thing.

      good luck.
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      yeah im pretty good at the 3r 180s, down tons in the FO's though. definately just a sample size issue but just cant be bothered with the swings. grinding 3rs alone wouldnt be unreasonable but i dunno.

      to be honest in answer to your question there isnt really a good reason. i just started playing them and was like 'these are cool'. i loved 90manKO's but they don't run anymore much and 180s are a totally different kettle of fish.

      although this isn't really a sufficient answer and is mostly my brain spewing everywhere and words coming out i hope it was satisfactory :tongue:
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      zzzz played my 575 cash hands for the day whilst railing my frind who's currently HU in the stars $320 wednesday hundred grand. had some pretty sigh spots:

      http://weaktight.com/5370239 <-- villain was a 68/6 or something, range is pretty capped at a Q at its absolute max, i can credibly rep AK (not that it matters against a 68/6) and generally when someones range is capped at 1 pair below top pair and they're a fish who will rarely fold a pair to a regular bet they tend to fold to big overbets. figure this works about 95% of the time. i mean meh about the result idk i still think if im gonna bet here it has to be a big overbet so im okay with it.

      http://weaktight.com/5370240 <--- river is pretty crappy, it's either a bet for value or a check/fold imo, i just went and tried to get paid by top pair. don't know if i like it just wasnt in the mood for check folding after most of my stack was in the pot, prob coulda just jammed turn, just tried to milk Kx and possibly some weaker hands.

      http://weaktight.com/5370242 <--- was just trying to boat up on the river, was 99% sure he had AK the way he played it, and any value overpair beats me on the river, kinda think the river is a blank though since he literally always has AK, just makes it look like a less impressive fold (folding sets on 4straight boards is easier than folding sets on 3straight boards :( ), was check snapfolding to any bet over 25% pot on brick river, literally just think he always has AK :P

      ended up being down 2.5 buyins pretty fast, grinded it back up to -5bb so thats a win for me. :D

      oh and my friend won the $320 wednesday hundred grand for $27k MBN
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      good luck man, I'll be following
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      Hey Steven. Nice to see you're back at the tables!
      Guess I'll be seeing you in the 18's then.

      Wish you the best of luck mate.
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      well, today is the day we have some fun, check balance and look at some graphs, so i sharkscoped myself and to my surprise i have a bunch of leaderboard stars! it wont last long so i made sure to take a screenshot:

      oh yeah and i am THE LEADER in one category with a pretty crystal star, part of me feels like i should try to maintain it but although im hoping to stay somewhere on the leaderboards i dont think theres any chance of holding 1st place for a year:

      we're keeping on track with our 100 games/day, looks like we've had some swongs throughout but we're up $646 for the year so far, pleased im holding the volume more than anything.

      hopefully can keep it up, will recheck all this next week :) hopefully with 500 more games